Psychedelic hip-hop holds the key to understanding ‘The Human Experience’

So often, music has been a prime source of escapism as a creative medium for artists and fans alike – a way to alleviate yourself from the struggles of everyday living. Generally speaking, in both society and in the music industry, there is a primary focus towards fitting into niche categories and labels by which you can assert yourself through a visible and vibrant personality. Such is not the case for alternative rapper Jonny Dee and his exploration of the ‘Human Experience’.

Jonny Dee

While rap itself is, in essence, a rather self-contained entity, first impressions appear more reminiscent of another kind of Experience, namely Jimi Hendrix’s. Jonny Dee’s own brand of psychedelic hip-hop is on a mission to find freedom and peace in everyday struggles, striding towards love and self-understanding.

There’s much on display which differentiates Jonny from his peers in the genre, perhaps most notably his own scattering of guitar performances throughout the record. Immediately striking as being somewhat unusual and special in itself, it’s self evident as a source of pride and inspiration – citing personal tastes flaring towards the likes of The Beatles and David Bowie as possible reasoning behind stemming down that particular path. The main differential comes from the essence of each track, coming less from a place of bragging about personal wealth and aspiration, with more of a heartfelt good vibe that urges people to be at peace and better themselves.

From the first instance, the uplifting nature of the record is self evident. His lyrical style is one that flows with its own back and forth rhythm, which does much to flesh out the underlying theme – you can hear that smile resonate. The overall tone varies from track to track, a subtle nod to the spectrum of the human condition. From the free and laid back dancer in ‘A Ways Away’, to the supersonic soul-funk of lead track ‘Rhythm of My Life’, to the droning distortion found ‘In the Sound’, the flavour of the rainbow bounces from pillar to post.

With a healthy dose of fizz and colour, stave off the voodoo with a Blue Shoe.

Video release for ‘The Man Who Fell From The Sky‘ coming soon

Blue Shoe







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