Yak- ‘Semi-Automatic’

Alt-rockers Yak are back with their latest effort ‘Semi-Automatic’ and it’s one of their best yet.

The track takes a little while to get going, unlike some of their previous work, but once it does, it turns into a tour de force of fuzzy guitars and resonant basslines that chug along in the typical style of the band.

The trio, hailing from Wolverhampton embrace their UK roots with a sound that that screams heavy brit-pop-rock for the modern age.

What drink?

I feel like the best place to listen to music like this is a seedy rock’n’roll club where your feet are submerged in an inch or so of some kind of alcoholic floor cocktail, so for that reason I think a good few coronas or craft beers would go down nicely with Yak’s ‘Semi-Automatic’.