Up and coming the HARDKISS ready to make ‘Strange Moves’ with new single


Booze!? Cocktail!

Coming to the UK and already a prime candidate for radio play, ‘Strange Moves’ is the new single from dance pop progressive pop group The HARDKISS and collaborator Kazaky.

Having already won national music awards for Best Album and Best Single at the Yuna Awards in their native Ukraine, the Kiev based group are already hugely popular close to home*. Now they are coming to Britain to spread their own brand of independent dance pop progressive pop to a wider audience. Their unique blend of independent spirit and pop music, plus a varied influence base which includes Rita Ora and Paramore at opposite ends of the spectrum, stands them in good stead to continue making a name for themselves on these shores.

This impressive slick, colourful video, they’re more than ready to grow!


*Live video performing ‘Stones’, from Ukraine’s Yuna National Music Awards: