Alan Mair – ‘Four Winds’

Booze…Dark Rum Cocktail…

An alternative rock track with a tatsty hint of 80s electro dripped over the production.
The vocals are spot on and we’re lapping it up.We’d expect nothing less from a talent with a musical history as illustrious as Mair’s!

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Adam Protz – ‘Movements’

Booze…? Whisky

Protz music has the power to transport you into a world of bliss and you slowly drift away on his perfect composition.

The lack of lyrics in the music invites the listen to assume their own interpretation of the heavenly sounds.

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Twitter – @AdmProtz

Jesse Lowes – ‘Only One’

Booze…? Thoughtful Gin and Tonic

Jesse Lowes is a natural when it comes to pouring your heart into your music. Every lyric from Lowes is laden with raw emotion and we must say, the track is a bit of a tear jerker.

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Lowly – ‘Stones In The Water’

Booze? An artisan cocktail or some variety.

Delivering a stunning set at Berlin Music Week in September (Nordic by Nature stage), the band have confirmed their first London show will be at the JAJAJA Club Night at The Lexington on October 30th.

Driven by a crashing rhythmic force and insistent synth-lines ‘Stones in the Water’s lyric draws you into an almost mythical, shadowy description of nature: mysterious stones in water and tongues that glow in the dark.

Shane Thomas – ‘Mrs Matisee’

Booze? Flute of expensive Champagne.

Shane is an extremely talented composer that needs little introduction. His music emits pure beauty, he is undeniably a genius! The talented soul was inspired to write the track after seeing a painting by Henri Matisse. He was so taken with the beauty of the painting that he decided to compose a piece of music about it.

Simply amazing!

‘Listenin’ to you whistlin” – Richard Rhys O’Brien

Booze? Light white wine in the sun

Perfect track for chilling in the garden. Richards smooth voice is easy listening and emits a musical sunshine.

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Natalie McCool – ‘Dig It Out’

Booze? Fruity Red Wine at room temperature

McCool’s smooth yet hunting voice is the perfect sound to chill out to on a cold autumnal night with a large glass of expensive red. Her voice is enough to transpire you into the depths of relaxation where you can drift upon her floaty and lose yourself in the seamlessly smooth production of the track.

Shield Patterns – Debut Album ‘Contour Lines’

Booze? A dark malt, no ice.

Review: The dark-pop tones of this album leave you in need of a warming up. Brentnall’s beautifully chilling voice teamed with the minimalistic electro vibes of this album transport you to the abstract world of Shield Patterns. Eerie, yet infectious.

Check out Shield Patterns’ debut album and catch them on tour this November.

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The Pavilions release new single, grab your lambrini!


Check out the latest Single form them above and see if you agree with our choice of beverage!

Booze? Beer, San miguel or a Pimms

Review: This head smasher of a track could warrant any summer drink really, but we thought we would narrow it down to these two. We chose the Pimms for the softer summer heat of the track and the San Miguel Beer, for the moments of rage fueled rock that this album carries with it, throughout.

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65daysofstatic announce re-release of ‘The Fall of Math’

WHICH BOOZE? Quadruple Vodka Red Bull

65daysofstatic have announced details on the re-release/10 year anniversary of their debut album ‘The Fall of Math’ which will be released on 24th March via Monotreme Records. Following the release of their latest album ‘Wild Light’ to critical acclaim and a sold out performance at the Scala In London, Sheffield’s 65daysofstatic will really step things up in 2014 with a special two set show at the 1500 capacity venue Koko in Camden on 27th March. See