Carl Finlay – Message to the Dreamer, Follow the Moon

Booze? Archers and lemonade!

The sweet sounds of Carl’s new releases deserve to be enjoyed with a suitably sweet tipple. The Irish charmer is set to release new single ‘Message to the Dreamer’ on March 16th and debut album ‘Follow the Moon’ on March 30th following his huge success with latest releases ‘So Hard to be Happy’ and ‘Mercury’.

Apple of My Eye – ‘Seven Tides’

Booze…Real Ale (From an independent brewer)

These guys deliver the very best of Folk. Go on a journey with them and get lost in their world trhough their story-telling style lyrics. You won’t be able to resist moving your feet…maybe have that ale first!

Witchingseason – ‘Codeine’

Booze? Dark Rum.

Witchingseason are no strangers to the world of rock. No band knows better than them how to make killer rock music. We think this stuff is on it’s way to becoming classics! If you like dark rock music and haven’t checked these guys yet, you’re missing out.

‘Listenin’ to you whistlin” – Richard Rhys O’Brien

Booze? Light white wine in the sun

Perfect track for chilling in the garden. Richards smooth voice is easy listening and emits a musical sunshine.

Get more of this guy here:

Witchingseason unleash new single ‘Spiders’, August 1st

Follow up single, Codeine, to be released October 1st

Booze? Real Ales

Review: This post apocalyptic sound is met with a crazy guitar riff and an astronomical onslaught of symbol mayhem. Loving this track and if you are wondering what its all about, we have a theory. The Slang term ‘Spider’ can be used to describe who persistently harasses a woman in a public place or a bar. The narrative of this anthem therefore could be that a woman is listening to this man harrassing her but refuses to show affection for his hurried advances. Also we like the tenuous link to public houses.

Witching Season:
Tom Reynolds – Guitars / Vocals
James R Willans – Bass
Wayne Summers – Drums


These Raven Skies – Listen now on Soundcloud

Canadian rock band, These Raven Skies, release new single ‘No Need to Worry’ ft. Jeff Martin.

Self-titled album to follow August 1st

After signing an international distribution deal and getting signed to Blackstream Records, These Raven Skies created their own record label which will see the release of their debut self-titled album out August 1st.


Booze? This trippy collection of track would fit a crazy coloured drink like a WKD Alcopop.


The creepy and sinister sound of this album gets you going. There live sound is raw and frantic with a darker twist that envelopes your attentions and draws you deeper into the more malevolent side of this set.

Suburban Myth supply the Kick!

Suburban Myth Welcome you to take a listen to their new Single!

Sub Myth

Booze? Vodka and Redbull

Review: The kick of this spirit combined with the energetic buzz of the Redbull would compliment this energetic power ballad brilliantly



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