The Jesus and Aeroplane! Seattle’s Drone Rock Masters, The Black Planes, Release Stunning Debut

Pining back to an age of a golden generation of what festivals were ‘meant to be about’, the heart of musical experience will forever remain in what can be achieved through performing live. With careful regard to not cast aside the casual listener, Seattle’s take on hypnotic psychedelia The Black Planes have crafted a new angle on seducing the masses with cutting edge mesmerism through debut album ‘This is the Black Planes’.

The Black Planes

After initial viewing of their new video for ‘Stone in Love’, their style is self-evidently nothing short of a transfixing Austin Powers scene transition. The album was recorded and mixed over a 10 month period, with the mixing and mastering completed by local legend Chris Hanzsek (producer of Soundgarden; Melvins and many others), co-founder of Reciprocal Recordings (home of most early Sub Pop acts, including Nirvana) alongside Jack Endino. The overall concept that inspired the conception of The Black Planes was derived from an aim for a darker, heavier sound than predeceasing concept Friction Pitch, as a more encompassing affair that’s meant to be appreciated as a whole.

The experience is one of echoing back to an era of 70s psychedelia, indulging the audience in a kind of mesmeric gawp at proceedings while simultaneously letting them blow you away. Guitarist Dan Gallagher harks back to his own experiences of seeing Moon Duo perform at The Sunset Tavern in Seattle and heavily hopes to replicate a similar kind of performance in doing so. Listening to the tracks it’s already easy to see the dim lit decadence of the venue being illuminated by twin graphic visualisers projecting the sound waves for multi-sensual appreciation.

Much of the journey is perpetuated by the bass guitar, which slides elegantly through repeated groove patterns. At times, the experience is sustained by the absence of essence, enhancing a sense of calmness, bordering on asphyxiation. This doesn’t last for long, however, as the self produced synth-sounds and delicate guitar permeate a life-giving breath and ambience which serves as a light giving halo circling the all-round easy going vocals.

Since here we’re embracing the Seattle sound, slip your slippers on and settle down to a Starbucks-laden White Russian.

White Russian





Venice Trip announce Demob Happy support and release E.L.O. cover video

Venice Trip

Cover ‘Mr Blue Sky’ by E.L.O. 

And announce Demob Happy support @ The 100 Club, Dec 10th


Tequila Sunrise!


“There aren’t many 60’s psych revival bands around that are quite as propulsive as Venice Trip” – NME

 “By integrating kaleidoscopic visuals, Venice Trip waste no time in sending us into a dreamy haze of hallucinogenic colours and shapes.” The Line of Best Fit

Following the commercial and critical success of their debut EP ‘Look Forward’, Venice Trip have returned with their new single, ‘Said Too Much’. Not only have the band had recent praise from the likes of NME, The Line of Best Fit and Classic Rock, they were also selected by Gary Crowley to play at OnBlackheath Festival after a storming live performance at BBC Introducing.

‘Said Too Much’ merges classic rhythm & blues with the swirly, 60s psychedelia that makes up Venice Trip’s sound. With fresh, infectious songwriting that’s as unforgettable as it is unexpected, the track takes you from loose, transcendental breaks to the beat driven pop of Camden nights gone by.

Beside their brand new single they’ll also be sharing an exclusive session cover of ‘Mr Blue Sky’ by prog heroes E.L.O.

Having formed at Pink Floyd’s former university, Venice Trip’s progressive stoner sound takes chunks of influence from psychedelic stalwarts Syd Barrett and The Doors, as well as more contemporary sounds like Temples and Kurt Vile.

100 Club tickets


Upcoming dates:

10th December – The 100 Club supporting Demob Happy


The Band

 Andrés Alcover (vocal/guitar)

Joe Wood (drums)

Shenny (keyboards/vocal)

Nick GK (bass)