The stars align with Pale Green Things’ new single!

Booze? Jack Daniels

Review: Jack Traynors, latest single ‘Pink Flamingo’ is one of his most beautiful songs to date. The infectious chorus is only a part of what makes this whimsical tale of life and astronomical connections so incredible.

It is based around the many events that take place under the constellations; with its main focus being about sitting outside the Flamingo Casino in Vegas. The sound is an indie pop mix drawing from influences such as The Killers, Belle and Sebastian, and Idlewild.

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Pale Green Things

Which Booze? Fosters

One man band Jack Traynor, A.K.A. The Pale Green Things, are releasing the self titled EP in January 2014. ‘Captain Planet’ would be the lead track off the EP. It’s quite punk-esque in my opinion. The chorus is the best part of the song, that really gets stuck in your head and makes you want to listen again. Jack is very talented having the ability to play all the instruments featured on the track and has already played with the likes of Dirty Sanchez and The Virginmarys.