Three Cheers for Cholesterol Jones!

As we tremble in the corner of the pub, waiting for the inevitable nuclear apocalypse, it’s comforting to know that some brave souls are picking up their guitars and setting them to stun.

Splitting his time between the US and London, Cholesterol Jones is both an animator and a musician, using these skills to set the brains of  sensible members of society whirring into thoughts of action, and the dumber elements a slap around the ears. Satan’s in Heaven, the lead track of a forthcoming EP of the same name, is a case in point: tricky to pigeon-hole musically (a bit country; a bit singer-songwriter; a bit gospel; a bit TV advert jingle), it uses the cleverness of the lyrics and outstanding animated video to convey a message which, although easy to understand, is in no way condescending or preachy to its audience.

Impressively, the song sticks in your head for days: the simplicity makes you realise exactly how hard many artists try to cram as much into three minutes as possible, yet by stripping away the flotsam and jetsam, the true genius can ring out. There’s a nagging feeling we should have been following Cholesterol way before we heard Satan’s in Heaven, but, as they say, it’s never too late. But what beverage to celebrate this discovery? We reckon something unassuming but deadly, so what better than the green fairy herself? Chin-Chin!


These Raven Skies – Listen now on Soundcloud

Canadian rock band, These Raven Skies, release new single ‘No Need to Worry’ ft. Jeff Martin.

Self-titled album to follow August 1st

After signing an international distribution deal and getting signed to Blackstream Records, These Raven Skies created their own record label which will see the release of their debut self-titled album out August 1st.


Booze? This trippy collection of track would fit a crazy coloured drink like a WKD Alcopop.


The creepy and sinister sound of this album gets you going. There live sound is raw and frantic with a darker twist that envelopes your attentions and draws you deeper into the more malevolent side of this set.

Cowboy Hat – ‘These Men Dreamed America’

WHICH BOOZE? A big glass of Southern Comfort and Lemonade

A huge warm and rich sound. Obviously inspired by America, Southern Comfort seems a fitting drink for such a song. This track is really smooth and sounds like quite a big production. A well produced top quality track in our opinion – the vocals are our favourite bit –  the low end is just incredible. Looking  forward to hearing the album.