NYC’s, Dream Logic Breakout Sophomore LP ‘My Black Arts’ *Free Single Download Available Now*

Drunken Monkey is the new track from the rock band, Dream Logic and is just a snippet of the great track they aim to deliver with the release of their latest album ‘My Black Arts’. Its got that foot tapping quality that really only the country/rock genre can provide. Greta lyrics and sweet riffs make this a brilliant pub tune. The drink of choice would have to be a bitter of your choosing!

‘My Black Arts’ is out now through Chaos Music Company. So what are you waiting for?



Witchingseason unleash new single ‘Spiders’, August 1st

Follow up single, Codeine, to be released October 1st

Booze? Real Ales

Review: This post apocalyptic sound is met with a crazy guitar riff and an astronomical onslaught of symbol mayhem. Loving this track and if you are wondering what its all about, we have a theory. The Slang term ‘Spider’ can be used to describe who persistently harasses a woman in a public place or a bar. The narrative of this anthem therefore could be that a woman is listening to this man harrassing her but refuses to show affection for his hurried advances. Also we like the tenuous link to public houses.

Witching Season:
Tom Reynolds – Guitars / Vocals
James R Willans – Bass
Wayne Summers – Drums