Flying Tonight! Ikkarus Touch Down With 01800

As you might imagine, we strongly oppose drinking and driving at the best of times. To clarify, we have the same view of flying a plane and drinking, not as abstract a comment as you might think, with Ikkarus frontman, Javier, having a secret life as an airline pilot. Ikkarus have elements of contemporary rock, alongside an early 90’s sound, which evokes aural memories of Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The funk elements is an odd addition to the mix but for the most part works well, cutting through the guitar and vocals and changing the structure of the songs enough that each track has a very definite personality of its own.

Though based in Mexico, Ikkarus have a sound which is typically alt-rock American, with dashes of Linkin Park more than a little liberally scattered through the tracks. Lead single from the album, 01800, showcases the band at their top speed, a punky, vicious track which grabs hold quickly and refuses to let go. It’s a primer for an album which varies from bouncy rock to atmospheric washes of sound which go beyond mere genre sterotypes.

What to drink with Ikkarus? Well, no alcohol, so that’s tequila out – here’s an alcohol-free margarita, livened up with jalepenos!