Japanese Fighting Fish release exhilarating new album Swimming With Piranhas

Promo Artwork - Swimming with Piranhas

Pour yourself a glass of saké, add a shot of wasabi, finish with a sprinkling of cocaine, consume until unconcscious…

Swimming with Piranhas is an album based on personal experience – singer Karlost and drummer Sweetman having once gone swimming in the Amazon whilst staying with indigenous tribespeople in Ecuador.

Sounds wild, right? Unsurprisingly, the band’s sound is equally feral. The London rock band meld frenetic guitar riffs, fast-paced drums and a shrieking raspy vocal style, achieving brilliantly dizzying results. The self-titled opener is a carnivalesque rollercoaster of a track that rides a sinister bass groove. ‘Egyptian Sunrise’ is a wild jam that ends with manic laughing, as if all the Egyptian plagues happening at once. ‘Provocative Cat’ is a vaguely latin theatrical song as suitably mad as its title. And that’s just the first three tracks.

Rock can be all too sane and boring these days.  Japanese Fighting Fish are keeping it excitedly bonkers.






A very important site for music and booze lovers

This site allows you to select the perfect beverage depending on the music you are listening to!

The process is simple, type in your musical choice and let the site concoct you the most suitable tipple for your tune.

The example is Johnny Cash and while I could’ve told you that you need something strong for that, this site actually has a nice little recipe:


  • 4 oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
  • 4 oz. Honey

Combine in highball glass and serve. Stir quickly.

Check it out here: http://www.drinkify.org

Pop Songstress Elaine Blake debuts new song ‘The Back Door Man’

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Booze? Cosmopolitan.

Nottingham native Elaine Blake is a dynamic gospel and soul singer with a passion for pop is set to unveil her new single ‘The Backdoor Man’ early next year. Having worked on numerous radio stations and played with jazz bands and girl gospel groups, Elaine is ready to unveil her own creative offering.

Elaine Blake was born in Clarendon – Jamaica and raised in Nottingham. She spent most of her adolescent there and was joined in the holy union of marriage in the jewel of the Midlands. Politically minded, Elaine spent 12 years as a local councillor in Newcastle where she encountered people from all walks of life that subsequently inspired her music and lyricism. She wanted to embody what makes people happy and put on smile on people’s faces.

She describes herself as a sensual, spicy and happy go lucky person and her music translates these qualities perfectly. Her latest offering ‘Back Door Man’ is a joyous song inspired by her eldest son’s love for cooking in the kitchen at the back of the house and the beauty of friendship.

Elaine cites influences ranging from RnB, soul and pop and sounds like a combination of Macey Gray and Tracy Chapman by way of Natalie Cole and Chaka Khan. She has mastered the ability of writing a catchy song with meaning and is well on her way to cementing herself as a pop staple with the short, sharp and sensual hit ‘The Backdoor Man’

The new single from Elaine Blake is out on February 12th




Venice Trip announce Demob Happy support and release E.L.O. cover video

Venice Trip

Cover ‘Mr Blue Sky’ by E.L.O. 

And announce Demob Happy support @ The 100 Club, Dec 10th


Tequila Sunrise!


“There aren’t many 60’s psych revival bands around that are quite as propulsive as Venice Trip” – NME

 “By integrating kaleidoscopic visuals, Venice Trip waste no time in sending us into a dreamy haze of hallucinogenic colours and shapes.” The Line of Best Fit

Following the commercial and critical success of their debut EP ‘Look Forward’, Venice Trip have returned with their new single, ‘Said Too Much’. Not only have the band had recent praise from the likes of NME, The Line of Best Fit and Classic Rock, they were also selected by Gary Crowley to play at OnBlackheath Festival after a storming live performance at BBC Introducing.

‘Said Too Much’ merges classic rhythm & blues with the swirly, 60s psychedelia that makes up Venice Trip’s sound. With fresh, infectious songwriting that’s as unforgettable as it is unexpected, the track takes you from loose, transcendental breaks to the beat driven pop of Camden nights gone by.

Beside their brand new single they’ll also be sharing an exclusive session cover of ‘Mr Blue Sky’ by prog heroes E.L.O.

Having formed at Pink Floyd’s former university, Venice Trip’s progressive stoner sound takes chunks of influence from psychedelic stalwarts Syd Barrett and The Doors, as well as more contemporary sounds like Temples and Kurt Vile.

100 Club tickets https://tickets.songkick.com/events/24634189


Upcoming dates:

10th December – The 100 Club supporting Demob Happy


The Band

 Andrés Alcover (vocal/guitar)

Joe Wood (drums)

Shenny (keyboards/vocal)

Nick GK (bass)


Innovative Rapper 2Nice Unleashes the ‘Sunlight’ with Latest Track




Astoundingly versatile in his songwriting skills, London singer/songwriter, rapper and fusion artist, 2Nice is the kind of artist that only comes along every once in a while. His incredible fusion of reggae, pop, hip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass has been setting him apart for several years now, building true credibility in the underground urban scene.

Since winning the 2008 award for ’UK Unsigned Best Reggae/Dancehall Act’,  2Nice’s momentum and reputation has been growing thanks to his innate talent for bringing together and blending styles. His buzz is such that urban music royalty are sitting up and taking notice, with fans and collaborators including Congo Natty, Luciano, Tinie Tempah, Dizzie Rascal, Wiley, Mark Morrison and more.

All the more impressive, 2Nice does all this while suffering the debilitating effects of epilepsy. Using music in his everyday battle to overcome the condition, 2Nice finds the creative process soothing – allowing him to turn his thoughts away from an illness he has found it hard to come to terms with.

With his genuinely unique blend of genres, ‘Sunlight’ is just the first assault 2Nice is readying for the mainstream UK music industry this year. Hold on to your hats for 2015.

Gritty and raw while still having a polished sheen, ‘Sunlight’ is a single which could well see 2Nice break through from cult status to the mainstream. It’s truly impressive work from a brave and innovative artist not afraid to try new things.





Toyface ready for new album: ‘Follow the Rules of the Trainwreck’



Having been described by a fellow artist as ‘like Laura Marling crossed with Billie Holiday’, Bristol based duo Tamsyn and James, aka Toyface, are a mouth watering proposition for music fans. With a varied collection of 11 songs making up their debut album, the pair have blended an eclectic range of influences that has resulted in an album with strong jazz and cinematic leanings; both playful and plaintive.

The pair’s songwriting process is varied: sometimes involving Tamsyn writing lyrics alongside her own simple structures on guitar; but often times working from a cappellas, which James then lays piano chords underneath. This is clearly a combination that works well and has yielded a crop of songs which are relatable to anybody who has ever found themselves working hard to find a place in the world – a situation most, if not all of us, know well.

In Tamsyn’s own words, the album ‘charts a process of experiencing, coping with, and the eventual resolution of, existential angst that I went through in my early 20s’; by way of heartbreak, physical insecurity and complex family ties’. And it’s from this well of shared stories where Toyface’s main strength lies – their ability to write with searing honesty about the common human experience, and lay those tales out across an intense, shifting musical backdrop.


The album is set to be exclusively launched in the duo’s home town of Bristol on April 24th, with the album to follow shortly after. The release marks the culmination of a journey that started with a chance meeting on the way back from the Secret Garden Party festival a number of years ago.

Trying to find a way back to Bristol at the end of the festival, Tamsyn managed to find her way onto a truck with a group of revellers heading in that direction. Not long into the journey, an incident on the road left the group stranded for 28 hours waiting for the journey to continue, during which time the group bonded.







Debut single ‘Sorrow’



As the name suggests, this is a song about allowing yourself to feel sad sometimes instead of running away from emotions. Adam believes it’s healthier to feel sadness fully and let the wave wash over you until it has passed, as laid out in the uplifting chorus. Far from being downbeat, it’s actually a song about hope, and features a fantastic gospel choir section too.

Based in East London, Adam, Hear the Sea is the new music project and pseudonym for rising singer-songwriter and producer Adam Karayiannis. Of British-Cypriot descent and specialising in the thoughtful end of pop, his influences include the varied likes of Florence and The Machine, Sam Smith, Paloma Faith, Kate Bush, Morissey, Erasure and David Bowie.

Trained in acting and performing arts  with renowned The Chicken Shed Theatre Company and with a degree in Music Production, Adam, Hear the Sea is a multi-faceted artist with plenty of strings to his creative bow. Having made credited appearances in huge TV shows, he is hoping that his new music will continue to propel him on his upward career trajectory. And with tracks like ‘Sorrow’ in his locker, it’s hard not to agree.

And finally, if the knowledge that he managed to ‘acquire’ a bottle of Grey Goose from the obnoxiously drunk cast Made in Chelsea while sharing a dressing room doesn’t endear him to you, then nothing will.

‘Sorrow’ will be available from June 15th





Modern Family Unit – Mm Mm Mm Ah

Booze? Sex on the Beach 😉

This ‘Burlesque groove’ as they call it themselves, is great! The dirty synths which give the track that classic 80’s inspired sound, which is on point to revitalise the New Wave movement. It’s out on March 23rd from their album debut, ‘Religion’ and I can’t wait!









The Four Owls – Old Earth

Booze? Cocktail!

Cocktail specifically for this mellow and chill song, This is one of my favorite songs from the Four Owls new album “Natural Order” which is out now. The visuals are very good in my opinion even though it’s just a time lapse of various really beautiful sights of nature and there daily cycle. The vocals and lyrics are good maybe a tad sad, but I mean it’s always good for an artist/artists to convey emotions to there audience. As well as the song being on a really relatable topic of the life cycle and healing from loss.

Playing Mars – Burning Desire

The enigmatic duo made up of Jeff Shapiro and Angelique Lihou, aka ‘Playing Mars’ are hitting the high notes with new track ‘Burning Desire’.

Booze? Cocktail


The London-based twosome pride themselves on capturing stimulation from vibes caught out of spontaneity. ‘Burning Desire’ is the product of a jamming session on Angelique’s birthday at 4am in Clapton. Upon investment of their creative expertise, the track oozes drama with a conspiratorial feel, with Jeff’s hypnotic bass line and Angelique’s hauntingly melodious vocals.

‘Burning Desire’, showcases the pair’s musical talents and is an artistic demonstration of their unique creative chemistry. The pair are open to and influenced by every day moments that otherwise pass us by; making their music a captivating expression of what we all often think and feel. The pair are very much genuine music makers, taking inspiration from their surroundings, they even used the sound of Angelique’s spike scraping the floor in ‘Burning Desire’.

Playing Mars are not only a passionate musical duo, they are keen to experiment and express their joint creative talents through art, having worked closely with artists and film makers, Omri Taub, Joanna Imrie and Olga Gomez, to mention just a few. Films and short documentaries will feature on their website to give listeners a unique insight into their lives and personalities, “It’s all about life, politics, music, religion, love, lust and passion and everything that we breathe and live” says Angelique.