Don’t Ban This Filth! Screamin’ Whisper Channel 70s Goodness

Are people in bands getting younger or is it just us? OK, it’s just us, but the youthful visages of Screamin’ Whisper really did have us reaching for the phone to dial the national truanting hotline. Formed around Gaelic-speaking identical twin brothers Brian and Martin Hughes (and gooseberry Zak on drums), you’ll be relieved/disappointed to hear they sing in English, and jolly…well, jolly it is too, glam rock in an untinselly way, with old-fashioned choruses and some nice foot-stompy bits – T-Rex with more sensible footwear. They’ve just released their debut album, “Filth” which has no immediately detectable swearing but still might upset a few of your more elderly relatives.

To sup upon whilst experiencing the Screamin’ Whisper sound, we were in too minds but have settled upon a delicious brew which is both evocative of the 70s and suitable for the younger folk. Chin chin!








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