The XX return with their latest single ‘On Hold’


Everything you’d expect from an XX record is there: the ambient background noise, the hauntingly satisfying vocals shared between Romy and Oliver and the resonating beats that echo into some kind of atmospheric abyss.

What was missing from some of the band’s previous material was a good ‘ol build up, but ‘On Hold’ exhibits a beautifully considered one that gradually finds its way towards an original sort of rap/sample section.

The band have announced that their new album will be released in January 2017 and if it’s anything like their first two efforts then we’ll all be in for a late Christmas present.

What booze?

This is a tricky one. Say you were edgy enough to be popping this on your fancy record player and taking five for yourself, then I’d suggest a classy gin and tonic, but if the (inevitable) remix comes on in the club, you might want to swap that for a rum and ginger. A double.

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