Follow up to hugely successful ‘Battling On’ Ronoc Wants To Share With You New Single ‘No More’

A singer-songwriter with a unique sound and outlook, Ronoc (aka Conor Dawson) is an artist who is currently enjoying a great level of independent success. His excellent recent single ‘Battling On’ peaked in the Amazon charts at number 91, while in the genre specific rock charts he rocketed all the way up to number three – right alongside no other than David Bowie.

This raw, emotional approach to songwriting is typical of Ronoc and it’s why he has started to win new fans in huge numbers. He is building quickly on local support from his home county of Leicestershire, where he has featured on BBC introducing East Midlands, BBC Leicester, and local radio stations Oak FM and Hermitage FM. Local papers such as Leicester mercury, Loughborough Echo, Leicestershire guardian and various smaller local magazines have also dedicated columns to him, especially after a crowd pleasing set at the Loughborough Christmas lights switch-on show with Gem106 FM.

This level of success shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to those who have followed Conor Dawson’s musical progress. Previous band The Vacations was so well written and produced that they had their music synced to TV shows like ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘Friendzone’. This is a sure sign of song writing quality, and he is now utilising his talents to create solo music in his very own mould.


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