Retro rockers Big Zero drop new EP ‘Mainstream Propaganda’


Rustle yourself up a Harvey Wallbanger or some other fancy cocktail that all those perm-loving partygoers used to drink – we’re going back to the eighties!

Punky New Wave revivalists, Big Zero, are into retro in a big way. Not only is their new EP recorded entirely on an 8-track cassette, their music videos are all recorded in VHS quality.

As for the music, it’s a mix of groovy guitars and fluorescent synths. The lyrics meanwhile are politically-charged but charmingly so, underpinned by a sense of humour. The vocals meanwhile borrow from an array of eighties band including New Order, Killing Joke and even a bit of The Police.

Overall , Big Zero meld their old skool influences into something creatively fresh and new.

Watch the video for ‘Tear It Up And Start Again’ below:

Some links to have with your drinks:



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