Japanese Fighting Fish release exhilarating new album Swimming With Piranhas

Promo Artwork - Swimming with Piranhas

Pour yourself a glass of saké, add a shot of wasabi, finish with a sprinkling of cocaine, consume until unconcscious…

Swimming with Piranhas is an album based on personal experience – singer Karlost and drummer Sweetman having once gone swimming in the Amazon whilst staying with indigenous tribespeople in Ecuador.

Sounds wild, right? Unsurprisingly, the band’s sound is equally feral. The London rock band meld frenetic guitar riffs, fast-paced drums and a shrieking raspy vocal style, achieving brilliantly dizzying results. The self-titled opener is a carnivalesque rollercoaster of a track that rides a sinister bass groove. ‘Egyptian Sunrise’ is a wild jam that ends with manic laughing, as if all the Egyptian plagues happening at once. ‘Provocative Cat’ is a vaguely latin theatrical song as suitably mad as its title. And that’s just the first three tracks.

Rock can be all too sane and boring these days.  Japanese Fighting Fish are keeping it excitedly bonkers.






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