Rich McMichael Claims Top 10 R&b Promos Worldwide


The young r&b sensation Rich McMichael has leaped in the number 9 spot on the r&b promotional charts with No Chill as his debut becomes more impressive by the day. The single has now been downloaded over 200 Dj’s worldwide and is also in the top 200 most trending across all genres for digital promos.

McMichael has also crossed over and made it as high up as number 46 on the hip hop promotional charts. Since affiliating his self owned label Rich McMichael Music with music association Forbes Music Entertainment there seems to be nothing but great news for the solo artist.

McMichael broke onto the scene with past appearances on “Making The Band 4” and “Sunday’s Best.” McMichael hails from Queens, New York with a style that blends the curcial elemts of hop hop and r&b to create a sound many would compare to Bryson Tiller and Frank Ocean. Listen to No Chill by Rich McMichael below.

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