Two Piece Set To Release Stunning New Track – Corlyx

Corlyx are taking electro music to a completely new level, melting beautifully arranged pop melodies and glamour with an affection towards the grotesque. The singer-songwriter duo Brandon Ashley and Caitlin Stokes have created a unique sound of their own which has been praised by people such as Chris Pitman of Guns’n’Roses who recently shared their music on his facebook page.

Brandon decided to be a rock star after he first saw Bowie on TV at the age of 12. He’s had a taste of rock stardom while with his first band Brandon Ashley & The Silverbugs and eventually moved to LA to start a successful club night. He describes meeting Caitlin as ‘magnetic’ and things started falling into place when the two formed Corlyx over sipping coffee at Starbucks on Sunset. The band name derived from a dream Caitlin had at the age of 16.


The single ‘Starlet’ out on 3rd February 2016 and available to pre-order on itunes on 12th January 2016!




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