Bentley Jones

Inspired by both the spiritual and the physical, Bentley has been crafting infectious pop songs from tender age. He achieved fame and fortune in Japan by becoming the first foreign writer and producer to sign to the country’s biggest music group

Others may be familiar with one of his remix monikers. As his most popular pseudonym PHUNKSTAR he has produced chart topping remixes for the likes of Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Katy Perry,, Madonna, Sia and many more.

Not content with his previous conquests, Bentley has decided to finally record and release an album for his home country following demand to repeat his international success here in the UK. ‘The Rebellion’ is a slick, cohesive release with a statement of intent. Featuring a lead single of the same name, the whole album showcases a mature, confident songwriter who knows what he wants and will break down walls to get it.

The Rebellion - Bentley Press Shot



TWITTER:               @Bentley_Jones




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