80s Compilation: 3 x 12inch

WHICH BOOZE? Angel’s Kiss

Pretty classic 80s cocktail apparently, seems suitable. Also pretty sweet and maybe not the kind of drink you want to have all night!


–           ¼ oz of white crème de cacoa

–          ¼ oz of brandy

–          ¼ oz of sloe gin

–          Put in shot glass in order listed

We’ve probably chosen a difficult one as a first post for a booze related blog. Lets be honest, substance-wise it’s drugs and not booze that spring to mind with 80s dance music.

But it doesn’t matter because this is a pretty cracking album. Not to mention that you can’t move for 80s nostalgia in the broad echoing indie music of today or the thumps and clicks of the 808s in most Chicago inspired house.


This album, released about a month ago on Universal, spans a range of genres but mainly hits on the dancefloor classics of the time. It goes from pop hits like Neneh Cherry’s ‘Buffalo Stance’ and Cameo’s ‘She’s Strange’ through hip-hop / electro track by Grandmaster Flash and Curtis Blow.

These are the kind of tracks gaining currency among a lot of big DJs at the moment. Skream’s famous Boiler Room mix of a couple of years ago threw Aretha Franklin’s Get it Right’ back into the mass market.


It is interesting then the compilation tells a little story of dance music in a way. With artists at the back end of their

It’s a great compilation of pop and dance floor hits. Stick it on and you’ll love it.
careers like funk-maestro Bohannon passing on the mantle of dance music to the likes of Chaka Khan and even planting the seeds of house with Marshal Jefferson and Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk.


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